With Labor Day weekend here and millions of people hitting the highway, some drivers would be wise to be extra careful, while some should feel safe knowing their town is a good place to cruise the streets.

Allstate has come out with a list of the least accident-prone cities.

Fort Collins, Colorado and Boise, Idaho set the gold standard for good driving – they led all cities, with drivers getting into an accident on average once every 13.9 years.

For the sixth consecutive year, Washington, DC checked in as the worst city, with motorists getting into a crash once every 4.8 years. Baltimore, which is only about an hour’s drive from the nation’s capital, came in second, with an accident once every 5.4 years.

10 Least Accident-Prone Cities

1. (tie) Fort Collins, Colorado - drivers average one accident every 13.9 years
(tie) Boise, Idaho – 13.9 years
Sioux Falls, South Dakota – 12.8 years
Bronsville, Texas – 12.7 years
(tie) Madison, Wisconsin – 12.5 years
(tie) Reno, Nevada – 12.5 years
Huntsville, Alabama – 12.5 years
Visalia, California – 12.3 years
(tie) Montgomery, Alabama – 11.9 years
(tie) Eugene, Oregon – 11.9 years

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