The zone bans have lifted, so have some of the restrictions facing businesses. The colors red, orange, and yellow are no longer an issue, but for how long? And is it a case of too little too late?

Western New York lost many businesses due to Covid. Bars, restaurants, and eateries seemed to have had the most casualties. And as I am happy to see everything getting closer to normal, I am saddened by some great places, owners, and employees that will no longer be operating normally in 2021.

Step Out Buffalo has a complete list, but the following places below are a few that stood out because they were places that I went to and will not be able to again.

THE PUB AT WEGMANS- Transit Road location in Williamsville. Wegmans has closed all their pubs. It was cool to grab something to eat and have a few drinks to enhance the mundane experience of grocery shopping. I try and eat before I shop to avoid impulse purchasing because I am no longer hungry. However, all bets are off after a few beverages.

WASHINGTON SQUARE- Washington Street in Buffalo. This one hurts the most. It was close here to the radio station, with great pub grub and fish fry. When most of your business depends on people working downtown or attending events for baseball, hockey, or concerts and guidelines are set to restrict people from gathering in public, the writing was pretty much on the wall.

VILLAGE BEER MERCHANT- Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. I liked the convenience of having a great craft beer store within walking distance of my place. I once purchased a bottle of the hard to come by Sam Adams Utopia there. When restrictions are put in place without being mindful of the small business owner, businesses' premature closings are imminent.

I am hoping 2021 has a resurgence of new businesses opening up for the first time, or those on the list of closings will reopen once again.

What places do you miss? Let us know here.


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