Dollar Tree may have to change their name after their latest price increase in Western New York.

It was one of the last true dollar stores of its kind, where the products were all $1 each -- but that won’t be the case for much longer.

Due to the rising costs of goods and products, Dollar Tree has officially announced that they would be raising their store prices to $1.25 for the majority of its products. 

The price adjustment is not short-term; these new prices are a permanent change to Dollar Trees around Western New York.

Higher prices on their products allow for the company to cover the spiked costs of their incoming merchandise as well as the higher operating costs, including the costs of employee wages.

This change was announced now as the company feels it is an appropriate time to shift the majority of the products’ prices by a quarter to continue offering value to their customers. 

The new price change will be rolled out in over 2,000 Dollar Tree stores in December, and it will affect all store prices by early next year.

Dollar Tree CEO, Michael Witynski, is hopeful that the customers will remain loyal, citing that $1.25 is still going to be an “undeniable value” when you compare it to the other businesses in the surrounding area. 

This is the first time Dollar Tree has raised its product prices in nearly 35 years. 

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