Car accidents can be traumatic. But they can also be hilarious.

This husband-and-wife pair make up Team Conte, which recently competed at the 100 Acre Wood, a rally car race. The car crashed, prompting the hubby to do what all good hubbies do and ask if his wife was okay. She had the best, most unexpected response you can imagine: "My vagina."

It's the best thing to happen in the wake of a car accident this side of a Cy Young winner snapping selfies with you.

After you get into a car wreck, there are a slew of body parts that could be hurting. You may expect to hear someone say, "My arm," "my leg" or "my head." But "my vagina?" No, we're pretty confident that wouldn't make the top six answers on the board if this was a Family Feud question.

The good news is the man and the woman were both okay and her vagina is no worse for wear.

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