Your inner 12-year-old is about to get a big health boost, because Chinese researchers believe that eating farts could be good for you. Start pulling fingers, because while this seems like 7th Grade lunch table talk, there may be something to it. Besides the smell.

In a recent study conducted at Zhongda Hospital at China’s Southeast University, researchers found that hydrogen sulfide might help lower your blood pressure. Hydrogen sulfide is the gas that causes your farts to stink. And now it seems like it could be the gas that causes your blood pressure to go down, which could be good news for those at risk of having complications due to high blood pressure. Or, maybe not. Sometimes farts are rank.

The researchers are still unsure how much of the gas would be required for a human to see any substantial health benefits, but an experiment performed at Johns Hopkins University showed that the stinky gas effectively controlled the blood pressure of mice. Of course, mice like cheese, which is also smelly, so they may have enjoyed the treatments more than a human would.

Southeast University professor Yuyu Yao said this explosive theory has not yet been tested on human beings, but that they are working on dosage issues since there happens to be a size difference between mice and humans. He added that they have to be careful since consuming the odoriferous gas could have side effects on other parts of the body. We’re guessing bad breath may be one of them.

We’re not sure we’d partake of this form of treatment even if it did lower our blood pressure, but we welcome any opportunity to compose an entire post about farts and the health benefits of flatulence, and really, the visual images alone are rather amusing.

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