By Jillian Benedict


Tonight marks the unofficial comeback of Lindsay Lohan. She’s hosting Saturday Night Live, kicking off what she says is a “fresh chapter in life.”

After watching an interview with her this week on the Today Show, I just can’t help but root for her.

For whatever reason, I really want her to get her life back in order. She’s not the most talented actress out there. Plus, she’s made some really bad – even dumb – choices over the past few years. I’ll admit, I’ve called her a dumba$$. More than once. But something about her keeps me coming back.

It’s certainly not her family. It already looks as though her “model” sister has gone off the deep end. And her parents are terrible, riding her coattails around town. And it’s certainly not that hair. Oh how I wish she’d go back to her beautiful red locks. But maybe, just maybe, I feel slightly connected to her, most likely because I think I’d be on the same path if I became famous that young.

When I look back, I made some really dumb choices. Super dumb choices. I hung around the wrong crowds and I got into trouble. But since I wasn’t famous (or rich), I was able to outgrown the stupidity and move on. But if I had all that money, fame and beauty, you better believe I wouldn’t be all squeaky-clean like Taylor Swift.

So tonight, I hope Lil’ Lo rocks it. I hope she stays true to her word. Because even though it’s slightly fun to see celebrities crash and burn (hey, it makes them appear human to us nobodies), I’m really looking forward to Lindsay starring in another Tina Fey movie, so I can torture my husband watching it over and over again.

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