One of the perks of Apple products and i-things is that they tout getting less viruses and being less hackable.  Well, stuff just got real for about 300 million iPhone users.


The Turkish Crime Family, a group of hackers, somehow got a list of at least 300 MILLION people's iCloud passwords.  And they're holding them hostage.

As of press time, they've told Apple if they don't pay up, they'll log into those accounts and remotely wipe data on ALL of the iPhones on April 7th.  Their ransom?  Either $75,000 in Bitcoin, or $100,000 in iTunes gift cards (???).

They say they'll delete the list if Apple meets their demands, but that puts Apple in a pretty tricky spot.  Sure, $100,000 is a drop in the bucket to a company so big...but once you start negotiating with hackers and black mailers, the floodgates open.  Where does it stop?

So what should YOU do in the meantime?

First, make sure you back up anything that's important ASAP (think photos, contacts, etc.).

Then, change your iCloud password.

You can hope that they're bluffing, or pray Apple figures out how to protect you first. But better to be safe than sorry!


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