You probably wouldn't agree with me when I tell you that New Year's Eve, Halloween, Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick's Day all pale in the face of Thanksgiving Eve as a night to go out and party, but it's true. Over the last decade, Thanksgiving Eve has become one of the biggest nights to go out, meet up with old friends and have a few libations.

As friends and family converge on Western New York (or any regional area), the hassles of airport travel, the stress of preparing food for tomorrow and the anger of remembering why you moved out of your parents' house in the first place melt away as old friends reconnect and ask the most important question....Where are you going tonight?

Skip the Four Loko and check out this handy guide!

The Neighborhood Bar: The old hangout will definitely bring back the memories.  Yep the same bartender is serving drinks behind the bar, the chips are stale as ever, and Ed is enjoying his fifth jack and coke at the corner of the bar.  This place hasn't changed and neither has anybody in it.  Hell the jukebox might be internet enabled but the same Alan Jackson song is still being played by the same person you used to date in high school.  Yikes, their kid is old enough to drink in the joint now....scary.  Neighborhood Bar - Good for a drink to start the night and a game of darts.

Main Street: Maybe you used to go to UB or had a friend that did, and remember all the great times you had at Third Base, The Steer and PJ Bottoms.  Well at least Third Base and The Steer are still around, but they look a little different then you remember.  Well at least the pitchers of beer are still cheap, doubtful anyone will be around tonight because all the UB kids went back home to Long Island, plus you feel kind of old being out at these bars.  Main Street - Good for a look around and a shot.

Elmwood Ave: Well maybe a Buff State get together is more in the cards tonight.  Even though college is on break, these bars will be packed, ...early.  They have the feeling of the neighborhood bar and the memories of main street.  The great thing about Elmwood is that there are a bunch of new bars that your semi-hipster friends will make you meet them at.  The even better part is that your favorite bar is either next door or right  down the street.  You'll also run into a bunch of people you thought moved away only to find out they are now the head cook and some local restaurant.  Elmwood Ave -  Good for a couple microbrews  a couple shots, and a good game of pool.

Chippewa: You spent countless weekends on Chippewa "when it was cool" and now it's midnight and the party mecca of Buffalo calls to you once more.  This time none of the bars you remember are full, most have been replaced with dance clubs, and all you see is Jersey Shore wannabes....oh wait that is the cast of Jersey Shore.  Weird!  Well at least the guy is playing saxophone on the corner and the same hot dog vendor remembers when you threw up next to his grill.  Now that you have a full time job you can actually pay for the cover, the drinks, and the cover...does every bar down here have a cover now?  Chippewa - good for bar hopping, sight seeing, and some red bull and vodkas.

Allentown: Some of the names may have changed but Nietzsche's, Brick Bar, and the old Pink still remain.  So do all the people you used to "network" with when you were in that ska band back in college.  Don't fret, if you want to re-live those glory days, no doubt you'll be asked to play in someones band by the end of the night.  By the way that same person will give you a flier to see Scum Lords playing at the evening star, too bad you're on the next flight outta here come Monday.  Allentown - good for a couple beers, a couple shots, and and a whole lot of strange conversations about zombie turkeys.

Jim's Steakout: Okay so you know you shouldn't eat at four o'clock in the morning but all the bars are close and the only place that's open is Jim's.  Since there is a Jim's almost everywhere now it's a safe bet anyone who haven't run into will be there fillin up on some delicious subs.  Jim's Steakout - good for a sloppy chicken finger sub.

Take the Long Way Home: Now that your night is complete call a cab and get yourself back to your house, parent's house or hotel.  Probably best you call when you're eating your Jim's steakout it might take a while to score a taxi tonight.  If you bought a limo for the night hopefully you paid the guy til six in the morning. That's how long it will take to get everyone home.

Have a safe and happy holiday. I'll  see you out tonight at that place we used to go to all the time.

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