No one really knows what is going to happen to the Skyway in Buffalo.  But it seems that everyone has an opinion on it.  Your opinion could score you some cash.

If you've got an idea that Buffalo could use to transform the Skyway that is logical and creative, you're going to want to get that proposal in to the panel of judges who are tasked with coming up with a better solution for the current highway.

At this point, thousands of people still use the Skyway every day to get in and out of the city.  But is it the best use of space in our growing city.  If we could move that traffic in a different way, would it make sense to get rid of it all together?

If you can answer that question, you could possibly win $100,000 for your efforts.  There is a panel of judges that are coming from all over the country to help decide what the best plan of action will be with the controversial road.

If your idea comes out on top, you will win $100,000.  There's even a second and a third prize at $50,000 and $25,000 respectively.

But here is the time line for proposals according to WKBW:

  • The first submissions are due by this Friday June 28th.
  • The 20 finalists will be announced on July 20th
  • The revisions of the finalists will be due on August 17th.
  • The public will then get to view the 20 finalists on August 26th
  • The winners will be announced September 9th.


Think you've got what it takes to re-imagine the Skyway?  Better hurry!  Submissions are due on Friday.


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