Low budget movies are often looking for a hook to get people interested since they usually don't have name players, and often mix genres and interests to stoke interest. The latest film to milk this trend is 'Zombeavers,' which looks like it's aspiring to be the next 'Sharknado.'

The premise is simple: a bunch of teenager types head to a remote location for a vacation (and going by the nature of these things they're also likely looking to have sex), only to have undead beavers try to eat them. The premise is part of the new standard for no-budget horror: Where 'Sharknado' combined the animal attack film template (popularized by 'Jaws' and 'The Birds') with disaster movies,  'Zombeavers' combines the animal attack film with zombie movies for that extra twist.

The biggest name attached is Bill Burr, who will be best known to 'Breaking Bad' fans as Scrooge McDuck-wannabe Kuby (and who was also a regular on 'The Chappelle Show'), but it seems that the terrible concept is what's supposed to get people in the door. Then again the film was co-written and directed by Jordan Rubin, whose background is in comedy, so perhaps this is meant to be a little more 'Piranha' than 'Sharknado.'

And perhaps this will be the first film of this trend that actually intentionally produces laughs. The no-budget horror film has taken a dive into intentional badness, with films like 'Mega Piranha' and more offering titles for ironic (and usually drunken) appreciation. The film is currently out to buyers, but with a title like that, we won't be surprised when it shows up on VOD (or the Syfy network) in a couple of months.

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