In Western New York, there are 12 options you have if you're looking for an adult store.

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In and around almost every city in New York State you can find some variety of an adult store. Even today, adult items can be found inside places like Wegmans, Target, and Walmart, and also in malls at shops like Spencer Gifts which has had these items for a long time. When it comes to finding a shop that features all adult items, most cities have at least a couple. In Western New York there are a dozen.

Where You Can Buy Adult-Themed Items Easily

When it comes to finding adult materials there are of course limitless options for you online. There you can find, literally, an endless variety of items for all shapes, sizes, interests, and persuasions. Most even ship them to you in discrete packaging to not alert or offend the neighbors.

Before Online

Before online stores opened the world up, there were adult stores. Generally, they are found off the beaten path and have names that aren't so obvious as to give away what they sell. They also always have blacked-out windows to keep people from peeping in or seeing something by accident.

These adult stores of course still exist. When it comes to adult stores in Western New York, there are 12 of them, spanning from the Pennsylvania Border to the Canadian crossings in Niagara Falls.


The stores chosen are not pop-up businesses that come to you. These are brick-and-mortar only. A place you could visit now, if of age. They also had to show up on Google Maps for them to count toward this list. The area we are considering is from Buffalo to Batavia West to East, and the Pennsylvania border to Lake Ontario between those cities. The US only.

Here are The 12 Adult Stores In Western New York:

The 12 Adult Stores In Western New York

When it comes to finding adult stores in Western New York, you have 12 definitive options.

Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.


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