I am all for getting these young people to go to work. When they want to of course, but at 14, I encourage it. We were talking about this the other day during Clay & Company and some people were getting mad that I said young kids should go to work. A lot of people believe that kids should be kids and that is the only thing that they should be focusing on.

When I was 12 I had a paper route until I finally got a job at the McDonald's down my street so, I supposed that's where my opinion originates from. Either way, if your kid needs money or wants some money, here is a great opportunity for them this summer.

Darien Lake is looking to hire 1,500 people for the upcoming season and this includes positions that will pay 14 year olds $13.20 to BEGIN. 

18-year-olds with experience will be making $15 per hour at Darien Lake this summer.

Some perks for anyone wanting to work at Darien Lake receive:

  • Opportunity to be paid daily. This means that if you go to work today, you can get paid tomorrow.
  • You and a friend will get free tickets to Darien Lake.
  • You will also get tickets for your family to go to Darien Lake as well.

These are just a few of the perks, but certainly ones your kid is going to want to know about.

They are going to have a massive hiring event coming up in the beginning of March. It will start at 11 in the morning and go until 4 pm. The event will be held at the Darien Lake Hotel.

Darien Lake Hiring Event

Saturday, March 5

Darien Lake Hotel

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