Nothing stays the same. Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable; except from vending machines (there's always an exception that proves the rule).

The other day my fiance' and I were driving to the Taste of Siam on Elmwood, and as we drove began talking about all the changes Buffalo has seen over the past few years. The building on Elmwood that houses Charlie the Butcher's used to be a parking lot. And right across the street where Panera Bread now takes up residence, used to be a Blockbuster Video. The changes are even starker when you start looking downtown.

Most of the time things change gradually, and you may not even really take notice right away. Sure, things are happening all around, but it's a gradual process, watching old buildings come down, or parking lots covered up as new buildings go up. But when you look back at pictures of how things used to be, it's like stepping into a time machine. You begin reminiscing about where you were and what you were doing during that time period.

So let's step into the "Way Back Machine" and take a little trip back in time. I promise, no flux capacitors or phone booths based in San Dimas. We'll just use the easy button and hit up Google Maps Street View.

Since 2007, the Google Streetview Car has been driving through Western New York, capturing moments in time, like a time capsule. All of their photos from 2007-2020 are accessible through Google Maps, so I grabbed a few dozen to show just how much Buffalo has changed over the past 12 years. Strap in, as Doc Brown said in "Back To The Future," "Where we're going...we don't need roads..."

32 Google Maps Images That Show How Much Buffalo Has Changed

Buffalo then and now.

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