Summer’s here, and that means great times for some great tunes! Perhaps it’s just the combination of wonderful weather, more free time and the seemingly always available friends around that put you in an environment to make more memories through music. So with that in mind, it’s time to reflect on many of the summers’ past, taking a glance at the albums that will always take us back to sunny days, starry nights and warm breezes.

Were you that kid blasting Guns N' Roses out of your boombox during baseball practice? Did Smashing Pumpkins make you think that today really was the greatest? Were you that person singing along at the top of your lungs to Linkin Park without a care in the world? Or was Jimmy Eat World soundtracking your road trip our to the lake?

But before we get into this reflection, let’s set some parameters. The pool of possibilities for this list is narrowed by rock albums that were released during summer (June 21-Sept. 22). And while some of these albums may not have been released until the tail end of summer, their singles likely kept us rocking for months in advance of the album’s release.

Also, this should not be viewed as a “best of” list. The goal here is to simply spark your own trip back down memory lane through my own reflections and hopefully get you in the summer mood. So whether you were rocking a boombox, turntable, car stereo player or streaming your music, kick back and let the sun shine in as we look at 41 years of summer rock album memories. And let us know in the comments what rock albums will always remind you of summer.

41 Rock Albums That Totally Remind Me of Summer - A Writer's Reflection

Sun, fun and tasty tunes!

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