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We all get sick of listening to the same stories and answering the same questions every holiday when the family gets together. You already knew your cousin joined a fraternity in college, your aunt started another new job, and grandma and grandpa are sick of the cold. Here are some essential items you will need to bring to your next family gathering to get you through the holidays:


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    Bluetooth Sunglasses

    No one will know you're falling asleep or not listening with these bluetooth speaker sunglasses.

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    These Cards Will Get You Drunk

    When the family gets to be a little too intolerable, grab the 21+ cousins and play a game.

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    Wifi Range Extender

    This Wifi Range Extender will allow you to get as far away from the family as possible and still let you play games on your phone.

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    Nerf Gun

    You're never too old to start a Nerf war at a family party. Don't worry, we have you covered.

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    Mini Hockey Sticks

    We know you haven't forgotten about that mini hockey rivalry against your cousins.