Fall is here, and you know what that means.. our favorite local breweries have released their fall beer flavors once again.

When most people in Buffalo think of fall they think of hay rides, apple picking, pumpkin picking, or even Buffalo sports starting, but a handful of us are more interested in the flavors of fall.

Here is a list of a few of Buffalo's top fall beers:

  • New York Beer Project's Apple Pie Milkshake IPA- Gives you a sweet taste of cinnamon that makes you think of grandmas fresh baked apple pie.
  • Ellicottville Brewing Company's Fall Fest Lager- A touch of caramel to make you think of candy apples with a smooth taste to leave you wanting more.
  • Big Ditch Brewing Company's Cinnamon Apple Amber Ale- The scent alone will make you think of fall. It tastes like fresh apple cider and oatmeal with a light bitter taste that will hit you in the feels.
  • 42 North Brewing Company's Oatmeal Cookie Brown Ale- This beer tastes exactly how it sounds. You'll think of cookies and caramel, and all the other fall or even winter things.

Now, we will leave the rest up to you. Go out and give your taste buds something to be happy about, then come back to vote which one is your favorite of these fall beer flavors in Buffalo, NY.


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