If you're looking for some adult items, these are the places you can visit in Western New York.

Some may find this topic inappropriate. The fact is adults in the United States are very engaged in adult items and seek out this kind of information. For those who do not find this topic as appropriate, please know that you are more than welcome to not read on and click away.

For example, check out this really cool map of Buffalo from 1895. Read More, CLICK HERE.

Continuing on: the fact is most people, especially women, own adult "toys." According to Statista, 82% of American women own one. There are more stats we could give you that show how the overwhelming majority of Americans engage in adult items, but this one says a lot.

Online sales have become bigger than ever for adult items, but it's still common to see brick-and-mortar stores, including here in Western New York.

Warning, the following clickable links after this point contain graphic adult content. 

Where Adult Items are Bought Online

When it comes to finding and purchasing adult materials, the online market has become king (or queen). These online sellers offer an endless variety of items for all shapes, sizes, interests, and persuasions. Most ship them in discrete packaging to not alert or offend the neighbors while also giving you privacy. Some of the biggest online retailers when doing a general Google search are:




Pure Romance

These sites are listed in no particular order, preference, or purpose. Even Amazon and Walmart sell a ton of sex toys online.

Brick and Mortar Adult Stores

While online sales are bigger than ever, brick-and-mortar stores are still going strong, including right here in Western New York and the Niagara Region. Chances are you've seen the stores, too. They don't always have an obvious name that tells you they are an adult store, but are often seen having blacked-out windows. Some are in off-the-beaten-path areas. Some are in what many would consider to be seedy locations. There are even adult stores on main routes, like Niagara Falls Boulevard where thousands drive past every day. Not all stores are equal either. Some are clean, highly respected businesses that have well-thought-of members of the community as clients. Other stores may very well give you the "ick."

Adult stores offer a variety of items. These include toys, aids, lingerie, and movies. While women dominate the adult toy market, the male market is growing. Film has always been very popular for men as well. You can find something for any gender, let alone interest, in these stories.

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Adult stores in WNY and beyond are still well-visited. Whether by an individual or couple, or groups of college friends, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and birthday celebrations. Going to adult-only stores remains popular throughout the country, often for the novelty of it. Also for practicality, immediacy, and the fact some people like to see and hold what they are buying.

One thing is for sure for anyone who is a millennial and older: your introduction to such things happened at Spencer's Gifts at most malls. You know it's true! Spencer's is still going, and now big stores like Wegmans, Walmart, and Target carry adult items. It's becoming more and more common.

How We Found The Adult Stores in Western New Tork

We have posted this previously (last year and in 2022), with this being the 2024 edition. Like previous articles, we looked at Google Maps. Since 2022, 3 adult stores have closed, leaving 9 currently open and operating adult brick-and-mortar businesses open in Western New York. The region we are using spans from the Pennsylvania Border to the Canadian crossings in Niagara Falls, and as far East as Batavia. We are not including Canada or Rochester in this article. The stores listed are not pop-up businesses that come to you, either. These are brick-and-mortar businesses only. A place you could visit now, if of age.

So, with all that aside here are: 9 Adult Stores To Visit In Western New York.

9 Adult Stores To Visit In Western New York

When it comes to finding adult stores in Western New York, you have 12 definitive options.

Gallery Credit: Google Maps

If we missed one, or have information that needs to be updated, no problem. Simply email me, the author, and let me know! Pat@WBUF.com

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