It’s great to be back on Buffalo radio as "The Dean of Rock" playing the music that would define the soundtrack of my life.

My first rock album was a Christmas gift from my parents, Quiet Riot’s, "Metal Health." I was 13 years old and it quickly became my Beatles "White Album." From there it was anything that was loud.

In the Cheektowaga summer of 1984, I would sit inside for hours just to catch the latest rock video.

I remember giving  KISS’ "LOVE GUN" album to a friend and having his mother quickly confiscate it. After all, we were just 14 years old.

Trading AC/DC albums, returning cans and bottles to buy Poison's "Looked What The Cat Dragged In" album only to have me and my friends realize they were guys. Carrying around a 20-pound boom box cranking Motley Crue, and buying the 1984 Van Halen promotional poster at the Super Flea, that still hangs in my room to this day.

This music was a big part of me growing up, and even though I never learned to play, I can air drum with the best of them.

The music, the artists, and the memories that is what this station means to me.

  • What was the one album that changed your musical trajectory?
  • What song takes you immediately back to great times?
  • What band have you seen more than some family members?

We all share that life experience and I have big plans and ideas for entertaining and sharing everything with you.

I will be setting up the ROCK SHOP Monday through Saturday 10 am - 3 pm, right here at this station.

Whether you are working or relaxing, I appreciate you listening.

Be Good, Behave, Be Safe.



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