Dear West Seneca and Lackawanna drivers,

Living in an area that straddles South Buffalo, Lackawanna, and West Seneca, I take my fair amount of rides down Ridge Road (in fact, most days I drive down Ridge). The number of people who speed down Ridge Road is staggering. I'm especially talking about the stretch of Ridge that extends from the 90 ramps to Abbott Road.

The speed limit drops to 30 mph, but you would never know it based on so many vehicles flying down the road at over 45 mph. That part of Ridge is dangerous, especially during heavy drive time, because of the busy Abbott Road intersection and the number of drivers pulling in and out of the Tim Horton's, Walgreens, and car wash.

Then you have the construction along I-90 and I-219 split in West Seneca. Every time I drive through there, many are driving 60 mph and over, despite the 45 mph signs. It's even worse when they are workers along the road and people still speed down the highway going 15-20 mph above the speed limit.

I've witnessed so many accidents over the few years I've been living in this area and I know we're all in a hurry to get to our destinations, but the difference might be an extra 15-20 seconds.

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I also recognize it's an especially busy area because of the proximity to the 90 and 219 but that's even more reason to just take it a bit slower and not speed so much.

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