Love the Bills if you will.  I do.  But this hurts.  ESPN did a statistical breakdown of the worst offense in the NFL and The Bills are it.  Here's why...

It's easy to say, do they score less than everyone?  Do they rack up fewer yards total than every other team?  Do they get fewer rushing yards.


All of it.  And by a lot.

According to this article, the numbers come from breaking down "every play individually, looking for success based on down and distance, and adjusting based on situation and opponent."  It's called Football Outsiders' DVOA (defense-adjusted value over average).  They've been doing this through every season since 1986.  So...33 years.  And through the first 7 games this year, the Bills are 53.6% less efficient than the average team.  Which is worse than any other offense since they started analyzing.

Fewer yards per game (average NFL yards per game is 363/The Bills are at 234)

Fewer points scored (average NFL points scored is 24.1/The Bills are at 11.6),

Fewer yards rushed.

And again, these stats have been compared to all the other offenses that have been measured since 1986.  It's bad.  But, the good news is, that there's always next year Buffalo.  We should be picking pretty high in the draft.

When is this gonna end???