Many grocery stores have rewards cards. You've seen them -- in exchange for letting the store datamine your purchasing behavior, you get discounts off your bill.

Some people, though, are creeped out by the whole thing and feel it's an invasion of their privacy, so they skip those discounts. But they may not have to anymore. Savvy shoppers have figured out a way to get the cheaper food and ward off Big Brother.

When they check out at the register and need to enter a phone number to claim the supermarket club card savings, they use their own area code and 867-5309.

The number isn't random. Fans of '80s music will immediately recognize it from the classic Tommy Tutone song '867-5309/Jenny.' Seems someone will have invariably signed up for a card with this number to avoid giving out their real phone number, and since ID isn't required, anyone can use it once it's been entered in the system. ParentHacks cites it as a great way to save money at out-of-town stores when you're traveling, too.

As with all tips and tricks, your mileage may vary -- but this may be one way of hanging on to what little privacy we all have left.

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