JACK FM writes this in a full Darth Vader get up by the way because what is more 80's than Star Wars?

Things that were “Normal” for Kids of the 80’s:

  1. Valentine’s Day, You brought candy or pre-made cards to share with your friends. (It didn’t have to be something for everybody.) You didn’t have to worry about allergy restrictions on your candy choices AND you could even bring homemade goodies like cupcakes for birthdays and such.
  2. Crossing patrol. Before they got volunteers to hold stop signs, there were actually student crossing guards. The best part is you were allowed to be late to class and they always threw a big party at the end of the year just for you!
  3. A Chalkboard…a REAL Chalkboard like with real chalk and all that. You might have to write lines on if you were disruptive.
  4. Dodgeball…where a small red ball was introduced to your child's face over and over and over again. A game where the physical elite reigned supreme and all the dorks got a ball to the face. We don’t think you can even call them dorks anymore cause of all the anti-bullying stuff. Along with picking Teams yourself (excluding that one kid for last pick) and not to mention Tetherball, Whiffle ball and Red Rover.
  5. Small Plastic Army Men, Cowboys, Law Enforcement Officers and Indian toys to play war games with.
  6. Teenage bus drivers. Yes, it use to be legal for 16 and 17 year olds to drive school busses.
  7. Toxic Art Supplies. Mostly glue and markers that would get a pretty good buzz going.
  8. Walking to school with your Swiss army knife in your pocket and getting a candy reward for being prepared
  9. Climbing a tree for fun
  10. Leaving school for lunch

And before you say it... yes, we kind of half took this from a different post we saw on the internet. Click right here if you want to see that.

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