It's hard to believe that the Buffalo Bills football season is right around the corner.  It seems like only yesterday that we were getting crushed in the season finale against the hapless Jets.  Nevertheless, hope springs eternal and a new season is on the horizon!


Let's forget about the 17 year playoff drought for a minute, and about how much I loathe Tom Brady and his dumb hair.  This post is about the Kids Day Game, so I will stick to that subject.  His hair is dumb by the way, and his chin and cheeks are stupid too.

Bills season tix 2017

Anyway, unlike previous seasons, the Bills have decided not to have a traditional Kids Day Game this year.  Instead, they will have both preseason games be kid friendly in terms of ticket prices, and during the Vikings game on August 10th have some kid activities.


So basically the game this week on August 10th against the Vikings is the Kids Day Game.  The Lions game on August 31st will be similar, but this Thursday is the one to be at with the kids.

Bills Sunday

Here's the thing everyone, it's preseason.  Both games should be kid friendly anyway. Nobody wants to hear you curse out the Bills during the preseason.  Get a grip.  Even if there were no kids there, relax.  Since there are going to be kids there, be on your best behavior and set an example for our youth.  They have it tough enough, they are Bills fans.


Now to be clear, this does not apply to the regular season.  Kids don't belong in the regular season, especially at an AFC East game.  If you bring them to one, expect them to get an education on how not to speak in public.  They belong in the preseason, do the right thing.  GO BILLS!

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