Although he had been declared cancer-free in 2014, Hall of Fame Bills quarterback Jim Kelly announced on Thursday that his cancer has in fact returned. According to WGRZ, the oral cancer that was first diagnosed in 2013 is back, and he will soon begin to undergo treatment.

Kelly issued a statement this morning this morning, saying:

As our family has faced many trials and triumphs throughout the years, you have blessed us with your prayers. We are asking for those prayers once again. The oral cancer we hoped would be gone forever has returned. Although I was shocked and deeply saddened to receive this news, I know that God is with me. I continuously talk about the four F’s. Faith, Family, Friends and Fans. With all of you by my side, we will fight and win this battle together. Staying “Kelly Tough” and trusting God, will carry us through this difficult time.

The 58-year-old is one of the most beloved members of the Buffalo community, and we are certainly wishing him the best as he takes on cancer once again.

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