Don't let the haters bring you down. This is our time and you should live it up.

A guy we work with, Dave, posted this article today: OPEN LETTER TO BILLS MAFIA: PLEASE STOP

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Now to be completely fair to Dave, he says a lot of good things about the Bills and us Mafia Members. He's also a good friend of mine and a born and bred WNY'er so at least it's not some outsider trying to tell us all what we should and shouldn't do. He has perspective.

The wrong one, but perspective.

What he says is this:

So please Bills Mafia, I Beg You, Stop buying everything and anything with a Bills logo on it. The more you buy, the more items that come out.

I have seen Bills logoed dog leashes, and Bills theme toilet paper, I think I might have seen a Bills logo false nail set...

Again, if we buy it, they will sell it so please Bill Mafia don't just buy something because it has a Bills' logo on it. Let's be a bit more selective with our purchases.

Is he wrong about that? No. It's true. It's called supply and demand and when something is hot you buy it. The Bills are that right now and have been. Josh Allen is the number 1 selling jersey in all of the NFL right now. The sheer amount of crap with the Bills logo on it right now is incredible.

And it's awesome.

We spent the better part of 2 decades not mattering to the football and sports world during the drought. Buffalo is constantly the brunt of jokes nationwide when it comes to snow, our team never winning a Super Bowl, our hockey team in their own drought, and plenty of other things that don't at all represent Buffalo and WNY in a positive light.

Even the 90s Bills didn't have this level of pop-culture appeal. We have a legit team of actual superstars.

Will people mooch off that success? Yes. Hi, BTW.

Will tons of unnecessary stuff be made with BIlls stuff on it? Yeah.

You don't have to buy it, but if you want to go right ahead. Dive in. It may never be like this again in a few years, or even after this year. Go absolutely bonkers with Bills stuff and enjoy every waking moment of it.

It's rare we get to live this up. Honestly, we never have like this. We deserve it. Enjoy.

Shut up, Dave. Respectfully.

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