The Buffalo Bills suffered their first loss of the season down in Miami and it seemed that the Bills were not only battling the Dolphins but also the sun.

Hard Rock Stadium is the home to the Miami Dolphins and the way the stadium is set up has a lot of Bills Mafia members very upset.

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The stadium is set up where the visiting sidelines are in full sun for the duration of the game while the Dolphins' sideline is in the shade for the game. If you have ever been out in the heat, you know that being in the shade is the place to be. It is always cooler in the shade and you don't sweat as much.

We saw many Bills players like Stefon Diggs suffer cramps through the game where the on-field feel like temperature was in the upper 90s.

Many Bills Mafia members took to social media to complain about how unfair the stadium setup was for the Buffalo Bills.


It was no surprise to the Buffalo Bills that it was going to be a hot humid day in Miami today. Many times during the broadcast, the announcers stated that head coach Sean McDermott told his team to start hydrating right after the Monday night football game.

It is right that Miami has the visitors in the sun for the whole game? Is that not like Buffalo having an open stadium with snow and gusty winds in December causing players like Mac Jones to only attempt three passes?

Should the NFL step in and make the Dolphins provide shade for the visiting team, or do you consider it just home field advantage?


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