You'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!...Unless you have season tickets for the 2019 Buffalo Bills season, then you may wanna sit back and relax in that chair...

After an incredible season and becoming SuperBowl champs, The Buffalo Bills announced the need for a ticket increase in the 2019 season...oh, wait, they didn't make it even close to the championships... but for some reason we are being asked to pay more. WGRZ shared the news that a 2.11% increase will happen this year on seats.

Season ticket holders can expect to pay $89.56 per ticket, up from last year's ticket price of $87.71. The average increase is $1.85 per seat, per game, which equates to that 2.11 percent increase. However there is some good news, there will be some price reductions for certain seats, anywhere from $8 to $22 per seat.

What's the price to stand? That's all we do anyway! I say get rid of a few sections and sell standing room only for oh I don't know "a Bill"?

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