The last few years in the NFL have seen the Buffalo Bills field a very good team on both sides of the ball.

The defending AFC East champions have a top-rated offense and defense and have many teams fearing to face them in the upcoming season.

With that level of success, also comes a bit of criticism that every team is bound to face when they are multiple back-to-back winning seasons.

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Mike Renner from Pro Football Focus released a listing of what they considered the top-10 defensive secondaries in the NFL and to the surprise of many, the Buffalo Bills were not ranked among the top five.

Even more surprising, the Bills were ranked below the Miami Dolphins.

While I fully agree that the Bills do not have the best secondary in professional football, it is absolutely among the top-5, and arguably within the top 3 in the NFL.

Football fan and Twitter user GSCool89 has the same feeling that I do about this ranking.

Twitter user Rae_Kei posted what I feel is a pretty accurate ranking of the top-10 NFL secondaries, with the Bills in second place behind the Green Bay Packers.

As a football fan, I have to say sometimes these rankings seem to come from way out in left-field with the predictions and rankings they come up with. Now, I don't say that because I am a Bills fan and Packers stockholder, but as a student of the game.

Anyway, I know our Buffalo Bills are looking forward to another successful and winning season.

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