Buffalo Bills fans are counting down the hours until the 2022 regular season home opener, which is just four days away.

The Bills will host the Tennessee Titans at Highmark Stadium this Monday night on ESPN. It's the Bills first September prime time game at home since 2016 (New York Jets). Before that, the last September prime time home game was against...the Titans, which was a rematch of Home Run Throwback in September of 2000.

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The kickoff is about an hour earlier than usual. Normally, prime time NFL games begin at 8:20 pm, but considering this is the first game of a double-header for Monday Night Football (Vikings/Eagles), the kickoff will be 7:15 pm.

That is just one of the reasons why traffic for the home opener will likely be worse than normal.

The earlier kickoff time for a night game might throw some fans off and cause late arrivals at Highmark Stadium. This will also be a Monday, so fans going will have to contend with normal workday traffic as well.

This is also the home opener and if last year's home opener taught us anything, it's that Bills fans are amped for the Bills first home game. The traffic in last season's week 1 game at Highmark Stadium was the worst I've seen in 20 years.

We learned soon after it was because many Bills fans who did not have a ticket for the game, still came to celebrate at tailgates and be a part of the experience. For this year's home opener, especially with just hos good the Bills are and the fact it's an early prime time game on a weekday...expect even worse gameday traffic than usual in Orchard Park.

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