Ever since the Super Bowl ended back in February, the media hype has been building around the Buffalo Bills' 2022 season.  The hype remained strong in the latest edition of the NFL's power rankings.

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With each set of Power Rankings that Pro Football Focus has released this offseason, there has been one constant.  The Buffalo Bills.  They debuted in the top spot with the first set released back in February.  After the draft, and free agency, the team held on to that position in May. And now, the post-mini-camp edition of the PFF Power Rankings has just been released.

PFF broke down the 32 teams in the NFL into 5 categories; True Contenders, Could be the Year, Eyes on the Playoffs, and Stuck in Limbo.  The Seattle Seahawks, after the departure of QB Russell Wilson, have plummeted all the way down to the #32 spot on this mid-summer list.

The rest of the top 5 shook out like this:





And still at the top of the mountain, in the #1 spot, Western New York's Buffalo Bills.

PFF Had this to say about the 2022 mid-summer version of the Bills:

It’s tough to look beyond the Bills as the single best roster in football. They didn’t even make it to the AFC Championship last season, but they were 13 seconds and some suicidal defense away from doing so at the end of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Josh Allen proved that his breakout year was no fluke, and the Bills has been able to add luxuries such as Von Miller to try and put them over the top.

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