Some great news coming out of the Blue Jays organization this morning!

On Monday, the Blue Jays announced that they will be in town through at least July 21, 2021 which means, Western New Yorkers will be able to see the Boston Red Sox in downtown Buffalo. If it is anything like the ticket sales for the Yankees coming to town, these will be a hot commodity again.

It could be a little bit easier to get tickets to the games for the next homestand as they announced that the capacity will be increased to 80% of the stadium capacity, which means that about 13,000 fans can be seated. That is over double from the capacity previously allowed.

Now, out of the 80% of the capacity inside the stadium, 95% of those tickets will be for vaccinated fans and the other 5% will be for unvaccinated fans. They are trying to get as many people as possible in seats. Tickets for these upcoming series will be on sale this week, as well! Thursday at 10 am will be the on-sale time for the next batch of tickets.

Orioles (June 24-27), Mariners (June 29-July 1), Rays (July 2-4), Rangers (July 16-18) and Red Sox July (19-21)

Tickets are going for some serious cash on secondary ticket outlets like Stubhub, especially for games like the Yankees coming to town. If you are lucky enough to get tickets to go see the Jays play, do not try and sell them to make a buck on them! We are all trying to go experience some MLB in Buffalo and not trying to pay "an arm and a leg", as they say!

Currently, the Blue Jays are 3 and 2 at 'home' in Buffalo.

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