As if there is not enough to do in Buffalo, Western New York, and the surrounding area another new attraction has started to be erected (insert joke here).  Along with the two military ships, great restaurants, and bars, Shark girl, and of course Lake Erie the construction of the waterfront's tallest and brightest attraction (sorry Labatt Blue silo cans) has started and it looks to be a massive undertaking.

According to WGRZ concrete pouring has started for the Buffal-O Ferris Wheel at Buffalo Riverworks. Fifty-five... (55)!!! concrete trucks were called to help the cause. do we even have that many food trucks in Buffalo? Two years in the making, this is going to be the crown 'glowing' jewel happening off the waterfront.

Imagine the view, selfies, and panoramic pictures that will be taken from high atop Lake Erie. I have a friend who excels at taking pictures from being ON Lake Erie, but he has a jet ski, not many of us do, But everyone will have access to this wheel for a really cool photo opportunity.

So no matter what you do to get high, life, the great craft beers, or 'other means' the Buffal-O Ferris Wheel will be available for all visitors to ride, relax and snap a few pictures, and chill out.



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