Buffalo is being represented in a big way at the 2017 Americas Got Talent auditions!

Buffalo born Mindy Davey is on the fast track to Americas Got Talent and JACK FM has the inside scoop! You may remember Mindy from JACK FM's Buffalo Band Spotlight last year. While she didn't make it this far in the audition process last year, she is back with a vengeance and looking to make her way in to the live auditions.

Mindy sat down with JACK FM's loveable Sultan of Slack Freeloader Joe to tells us what is coming up for her. She even shared her own song called Hometown which is all about... you guessed it, he Hometown of Buffalo.

In JACK FM's eyes... wait we don't have eyes technically. We do think that Americas Got Talent has a winner on their hands with Mindy Davey! Let route as hard as we can to put on of our own in the live auditions.


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