And by break, I mean he broke it with his body! The whole city is full of energy after the Bills defeated the Baltimore Ravens last night, January 16, 2021. The bills won 17 to 3. Of course fans are not only excited about the win, but also the fact that the team will be headed to the AFC Championship game. This will be the Bills' first time playing in a Championship game in more than 25 years - since 1994.

In the tradition of Bills fans breaking tables with their bodies, this guy carried a table into the middle of Allen Street and Elmwood Avenue last night and body slammed himself on it. I am very curious to know how this tradition became so popular. I also have questions about which restaurant he seems to have jacked the table from. It's definitely not a folding table from Walmart.

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State Says No to Outdoor Chippewa Playoff Party

Since the State of New York wouldn't extend the hours that restaurants could stay open to past 10 pm, there was no street party on Chippewa like last weekend. With tickets to the Buffalo Bills home playoff game last week limited and sold out, fans headed down to Chippewa Street to watch the game. An aerial camera caught the moment when the Bills won the game. You can see fans, who packed out the street, went wild.

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