The stadium is buzzing.

Bills fans are screaming at the top of their lungs.

The Buffalo Bills defense on the field trying to stop a 3rd and 1.

Then you hear the 3rd down the horn and everyone gets riled up.

If you live in Hamburg (or let's be honest, near any train tracks in Western New York), you know the sound. It's loud, it can sometimes be annoying but you certainly get used to it.

But, here is a Buffalo Bills fun fact for you. Did you know that the Bills 3rd down horn is actually a recording of the train as it went by Lakeview Road in Hamburg?

Next time you are screaming and helping the Bills' D on Saturday night against the Baltimore Ravens, you'll know that little fun fact.


Apparently not every Western New Yorker likes the 3rd down train horn. A few years back there was a petition to GET RID OF THE HORN. Here is the petition (that only gained 40 supporters) on

We all know the familiar sound... the 3rd and 12, here comes the Train Horn sound of failure. The Buffalo Bills train horn breeds negativity in waves throughout New Era Field and needs to stop once and for all. It’s a new era and I trust the process.

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