Imagine. You do well at your job.

More than expected. Over the top.

You already are making a salary, but you get blindsided by your employers when they give you a reward when you had no idea it was coming.

That is what happened to one Buffalo Bills player this week. They were so appreciative of just his efforts and dedication (and play) that they wanted to reward him.

Buffalo Bills backup quarterback Davis Webb was, strangely, added to the roster a few weeks ago, and shortly after was on the inactive list for the game. Kind of a weird move when you look at it. Why bother "adding" him to the roster from the practice squad knowing he wasn't going to play?

Apparently, he gets a bonus for being on the active roster and while he normally wouldn't be there, they wanted to reward him.

Coach Sean McDermott said that Webb is one of the greatest teammates and with Jake Fromm, at the time, dealing with COVID protocols, it was him in the QB room with Josh Allen and Matt Barkley, and Webb in the room all the time.

He’s one of the best teammates that I’ve ever seen,” offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said. “He’ll work on special teams if he needs to work on special teams, he’ll work on the defensive show team. He does an unbelievable job of helping Josh prepare for games. He spends a lot of time with [assistant quarterbacks coach] Shea [Tierney] and going through the team we’re about to play. He just has his hands in so many different things for us. He’s such a valuable part to our team", according to Buffalo Rumblings. 

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