Just when we thought Buffalo Bills fans couldn't get any crazier...

A picture recently surfaced on Sports-Kings.com featuring hardcore BIlls fan Bryan Labarron's tattoo, and no, we're not talking about the lovely Buffalo on his left leg.

We're talking about the massive thigh tattoo of former Bills player OJ Simpson's mugshot from his infamous arrest in 1994 for allegedly murdering his then-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

OJ Simpson Mugshot

Our beef doesn't necessarily stem from the tattoo. It was well done, it was accurate, and you know what, it's OJ -- a bonafide sports legend in Buffalo.

But you've gotta wonder: Why would a person want to use a photo connected with an incident so infamous to represent a person they admire?

Simpson is, hands down, one of the best -- if not the best -- football player to ever exist on a Bills roster. Why not pay homage with his stats or his number? Why do it by using the image that sparked the decline of his career. He is in jail now, isn't he?

We understand wanting to make the Queen City shine. We love this place, too. But keep it classy. Keep it positive. Or at least get the portrait somewhere not so close to your butt cheek!

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