Three guys from Buffalo combined their talent and created a true holiday classic. “A Buffalo Christmas” is a holiday song written by cousins Jay and Mark Desiderio,recorded by Derek Higgins. All three artists are from Buffalo and have warm memories of the city of good neighbors, especially during Christmas time. Jay (from South Buffalo), Mark (from Lovejoy) and Derek (from the Westside) believe Buffalo at Christmas time is a magical time of year. Whether you experience it as a child or as an adult, Buffalo becomes a part of you and stays with you wherever you are. All three have felt the void of being away from Buffalo during the holidays at different times in their lives. It was during these times of being away that all three sensed a luring affect, an uncanny desire to make their way back home. Thus “A BUFFALO CHRISTMAS” was composed. Written from the heart and sung from the soul. A few years after the song was recorded, it was put on the back burner with very little exposure. Until, Jay Desiderio’s son, Jason Desiderio, decided to capture the essence of “A Buffalo Christmas” with a video slideshow illustrating the Buffalo experience. The song and video work in tandum resurrecting wonderful personal memories by all who view it.

Click here to watch the Buffalo Christmas video.