It's exciting to see Buffalo getting so much love from outside the city, people are finally catching on! Buffalo has been featured in the Washington Post's travels series "You're going where?" And it's a great article on all that Buffalo has to offer from food and breweries to our cool outdoor venues!

In the article, they run down highlights that are "must dos" when in Buffalo! Places like Silo City, the Hotel Henry, and Hertel make the list of what makes Buffalo unique. The Washington Post also highlights the food in Buffalo and they go beyond wings. Yes, wings are a huge part of Buffalo but they food scene has grown and Buffalo is home to so many delicious and diverse cuisines.

The thing that I love most about this article is you might learn something cool about Buffalo you didn't know and that's exciting! Buffalo is growing and there are some unique things that many of us might not have experienced yet! But, being able to rediscover your city can be an awesome experience and it's happening right now in Buffalo!

See the FULL article on the things to do when visiting Buffalo from the Washington Post below!


Full article HERE.

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