This past Wednesday was a tease for everyone in Western New York. It went up to 50 degrees and the snow was melting, which gave everyone a brief glimpse into what lies ahead for the spring.

Springtime in Buffalo is glorious. It's the reward that we got past another harsh winter. The first day you can drive with the windows down in your car. The sound of birds chirping in the trees. It also marks the return of events and festivals (including outdoor concerts) in Western New York.

April is typically the month when we see the return of major festivals, and Buffalo RiverWorks is one of the best places to attend them. One event in particular is returning this April.

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According to their Facebook page, Buffalo RiverWorks is bringing back ThawFest on April 9th.

ThawFest is exactly how it's described. An event that celebrates the spring and the warming temperatures in Buffalo.

It will feature local breweries and wineries to sample from, great food, and live music, which is always a plus for attending an event at Buffalo RiverWorks.

March is when spring officially starts, but as we should know by now in Buffalo, March is a mixed bag of weather changes. It could be 70 degrees and sunny one day. The next could be 30 and snow.

April is always the month I most look forward to. That's the month we really start to see significant changes to the weather for the better in Western New York.

Can we just skip the next four weeks or so?

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