There is a really cool event coming up to Buffalo this weekend. This Saturday, September 18, Buffalo Riverworks welcomes the Lake Effect Lumberjack Classic!

If you have never seen timber sports in person, he was a great opportunity to witness something that has been a great tradition for years. Over 30 competitors will be on hand for the Lake Effect Lumberjack Classic that starts at 2 PM this Saturday.

Timber sports has become increasingly popular in our area recently. Anything from an ax to a two sided saw will be in use this Saturday. But these competitors are more than just people who like to cut wood and logs for fun. They are athletes!

Tickets are just $10 and Buffalo River Works is a great venue for this awesome event.

In a post on the Facebook page, Buffalo Riverworks announced that some of the world's best will be here!

Kate Witkowski finished 3rd in 2019 at the Stihl Series and is one of the top lumber-jills.
Nancy Zalewski finished 4th in 2019 at the Stihl Series. Is a world record holder in Single Buck, also a top lumberjill.
Matt Cogar is a 6x Stihl US Champ. World record holder. Got 2nd at World Championships in 2018 in Liverpool, England. Sponsored by Redbull. The top US lumberjack in my eyes right now.

You may have seen it on TV but to see it in person is really cool! You can even try the cross cut event with a partner if you were at least 16 years or older.

Good luck to the competitors this weekend. I am certain that after you watch this event on Saturday you will want to head to your woods and do some work on trees! It goes without saying that you should always use caution and proper safety equipment if you are going to attempt any of the things you see this weekend. These are true professionals who spent countless hours practicing to master the craft of lumberjacking.

There is nothing like this time of the year and being in the woods or working with trees. When the cooler arrives and the leaves start to change there’s something special about working in the woods. Even a chore like splitting wood becomes that much more exciting this time of the year as we get ready for fire pits and fireplaces to fire up again.

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