Without the guitar where would rock be? Or music in general for that matter? Brand names like Fender and Gibson were made famous by the guitar players who played them and others named made the guitar famous by branding their special axe (the guitar, not saxophone).


Eddie Van Halen had "Frakenstrat", Zakk Wylde from Ozzy Osborne's band plays "Bullseye", Prince performed on the "Cloud" and there is a slew of other musicians who not only made the guitar famous they made the instrument iconic.

If you are into guitars, The Buffalo Museum of Science on Humbolt Parkway in Buffalo has a unique and informative exhibit going on right now: MEDIEVAL TO METAL: The Art & Evolution Of The GUITAR, presented by RP Oak Hill Building Company.

Medieval To Metal was inspired by the National GUITAR Museum in New York, New York, and features over 40 instruments ranging from the rare to the unique and all six strings in between.

And it always seems like the most iconic rock moments in music history almost always have been centered around the guitar player. From WHO's Pete Townsend windmill spin on the strings, to Jimi Hendrix lighting his on fire, it all stems from the six strings.

Who has never played the air guitar or tried to master "Guitar Hero". Even with the downtime during the last year, I willing to bet hundreds if not thousands of people either learned or attempted to learn how to play the guitar. I am still at the air guitar level.

To purchase your tickets click HERE and get ready to be in awe of the axe, past, present, and future.


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