It sucks to get a parking ticket from the City of Buffalo. Whether it's because your meter ran out or maybe you parked a little too close to a fire hydrant, whatever the reason for the ticket, you know that at a minimum you'll have to shell out $40 bucks. Worse yet, you forget to pay it or you don't have the money and your fees increase. Late fees go up $25 after 8 days. After 75 days, depending on the original fee of the ticket, you could end up paying up to $165. For a lot of people, who are already struggling to make ends meet, it is just causes added stress and financial burden.

You can go to City Hall and fight the ticket and even appeal it should you lose. But, as someone who has gone through the process, it's not really set up for us "little" people to win. It's a money-generating business for the city, so don't expect much understanding or empathy if you don't believe the ticket was justified or can't pay. I remember DJing the WBLK 90s party and I parked outside Hotel Lafayette to unload my heavy equipment and there was a meter maid outside at around midnight. I got two tickets that night. Apparently, the city heard about our party and came out after-hours, just to make some extra money.

If you don't pay or are a repeat offender, expect severe consequences,

In the event a respondent shall have failed to comply with the provisions of this chapter in that he has failed to pay final determinations or judgments for parking violations entered against him on three or more notices of violations (summonses) served upon him within a period of 18 months, the Bureau shall certify such fact to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles of the State of New York; and upon such certification, the Bureau shall notify the respondent by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, that such certification has been made and identifying the judgments or final determinations covered. The notification shall further inform the respondent that the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles will deny any registration or renewal of registration of the respondent's vehicle until proof is provided that the respondent has complied with the provisions of this chapter in connection with all judgments or final determination so certified.

You could also end up with a boot on your car or even have your can impounded. You can get more details on the City of Buffalo parking violations and fees here.

Buffalo Parking Violations & Fees

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