Everyone has an opinion (see anything from anyone on any social media platform) and although everybody has the right to voice how they feel about any particular situation my grandfather would always say to me "Unless it can help the situation or a person keep your opinion to yourself". In other words, if it's not going to help, only hinder save the sentences and sentiment.

And as we all have opinions it is nice when someone actually is willing to consider what you have to offer up. And that is exactly what city officials want from residents that live around a parking ramp. But you will need to hurry. You will only have until Friday, October 8 at 5 pm to submit.

Phot: Dean
Photo: Dean

WKBW reports that Buffalo officials want you to tell them what should be done with The Mohawk Ramp based on submissions from some developers. You know where it is. It is the bomb shelter-looking structure that sits on the corner of Washington and East Mohawk. It definitely is dated and in need of a facelift or better yet a reevaluation on how best to utilize that space.

If you want to see the designs click here or to leave your opinion you can click here.

And NO! Suggestions to put the new Bills stadium there is not an option.

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