The Buffalo Sabres have been putting off their reverse retro jersey reveal, but the logo appears to have finally leaked.

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A lot of NHL teams have already released their reverse retro jerseys for the upcoming season. Some are really cool. Some are not. What's been plaguing Sabres fans is which logo they would use: the goat head or the slug?

The Other Sabres Logos

Currently, the Sabres use this logo:

Getty Images
Getty Images

THis of course is their original crest with some texture and slight modifications. It's a logo fans screamed to bring back for years, along with the original blue they now wear. The other logos are as follows.

The Goat Head:

Sabres v Senators Eastern Conference Semi-Finals
Getty Images

The Sabres reached their last Stanley Cup in these.

The Slug

Buffalo Sabres v Phoenix Coyotes
Getty Images

The Sabres won the President's Trophy wearing these.

There's also a 3rd logo some though they could use...

The Old Alternates

Montreal Canadiens v Buffalo Sabres
Getty Images

Most people agree the slug can never be brought back, even though the team won an awful lot wearing them. Most fans never really liked them, and they were usually the brunt of many jokes. The Goathead is beloved by a specific generation of fans, and while some hate it for, as they say, not looking anything like a Buffalo, others love it for what it represents and its uniqueness. The old alternate logo is simple and fun.

What Will The Buffalo Sabres Use For Their Reverse Retro Jerseys?

According to this tweet, the goat head is back:

There are also rumours that the old Red and black colours will make an appearance this season. Some have also said the logo will probably have a lot of texture as the new crest does. We'll have to wait and see. What do you think?

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