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The MLB has a program that focuses on bringing baseball to America's inner-cities and Buffalo's own Willie Hutch Jones Educational and Sports Program announced that it has been chosen as an affiliate to aid the program's mission in Buffalo. The MLB Receiving Baseball in Inner Cities Program (RBI) has partnered with the 37-year old local sports program to help bring Major League Baseball to youths ages 5-12 years old and will also help to be a "feeder" to the MLB's baseball and softball divisions for ages 15-18 year olds.

All the Major League Baseball action will take place at the Johnny B. Wiley Masten Field, Canisius College Demske Field, Riverside Park and Shoshone fields this summer from July 19th through August 20th and will also include Softball as well.

This is not only a major win for the long-standing Willie Hutch Jones Educational and Sports Program but for the city as a whole. Major League Baseball has returned to the Queen City for the first time in 105 years with hosting the Blue Jays, so bringing their youth program to Buffalo with "Team Hutch" is a win win for all parties involved.

In addition to the new program underway, Willie Hutch also offers a free summer program for youth as well and you can click here to get more info on their programs and other low-cost programs in the area. 

As the program rolls out, you can get additional information and can also donate to the program on their website at https://whjsc.org/

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