The Buffalo Starbucks location on Elmwood Avenue made history late last year, becoming the first location in the country to Unionize.  Now, its workers have walked out on strike.

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According to a post from the Starbucks Workers Unite Twitter account, employees at the Delaware and Chippewa location have walked out this morning due to unfair labor practices.

The Post goes on to say that the strike is a one-day affair and that employees will return to work tomorrow, May 6th.

The Delaware and Chippewa store was the first location in the nation to unionize and the first of 3 union locations in Buffalo.  The unionization movement has spread with votes at Starbucks locations in Rochester, New York, Seattle Washington, Boston Massachusettes, and Knoxville, Tennessee.  Seattle is the latest city to unionize, as the company's flagship store joined the union movement officially last Thursday.

The Seattle store voted 38-27 in favor of unionizing.

The Letter and corresponding tweet are directed at Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.  Schultz has helped to build Starbucks over the last four decades into one of the world’s most recognized businesses.

The walkout in Buffalo comes as the company has seen increased criticism recently in regards to pay raises, as well as offering benefits to non-union stores only.

Starbucks Workers united, which is behind the walkout, has the following posted on the "about us" section of their website:

As Starbucks Workers United, we are organizing a union to bring out the best in all of us. Our organizing committee includes Starbucks partners from across the Buffalo region.

The store workers have now started a GoFundMe page, asking the community for its support to cover wages lost during their strike.

You can CLICK HERE to visit the page


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