JELL-O was invented in Le Roy, NY, in 1897, and the only JELL-O museum in the WORLD is located in the small town. Jell-O was made there untl until the plant closed in the 60s and reloacted to Delaware. 

The first four Jell-O flavors were orange, lemon, strawberry and raspberry. Lime was introduced in 1930.

The Jell-O Museum/Gallery is located 30 minutes southwest of Rochester and 60 minutes east of Buffalo/Niagara Falls.

The Jell-O Gallery has an exhibit that reflects Bill Cosby's influence for the brand for more than 30 years.

In 1897, Pearle Wait experimented with gelatine and came up with a fruit flavored dessert which was named by his wife -- Jell-O. In 1899 he sold his formula to Orator Frank Woodward.

FUN FACT:  In 1993, a technicians at St. Jerome hospital in Batavia tested lime Jell-O with an EEG machine and confirmed a bowl of wiggly Jell-O has brain waves identical to adult men and women, according to the Jell-O Gallery. 


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