Buffalo has always been known as the City of Good Neighbors, but apparently that's not the case in the world of Twitter.

Vertalab, a company that analyzes tweets, studied the volume of use of the phrases "good morning" and "eff you" on Twitter across 462 locations in the United States. They created a Twitter heatmap to show the doppler of nice tweets and foul tweets across the country.

According to their findings, Buffalo is one of the cities that used the latter phrase most often, and we're now being called "the rudest city on Twitter."

But we here at Jack disagree with this conclusion. If anything, we blame the Canadians. Buffalo is not a place where you constantly hear the F-bomb being thrown around. That is, unless it's a Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium. And then, you can blame the booze.

We're wondering how Buffalo got the short end of the stick in this study. After coming up blank ourselves, we're turning to our good friend Twitter (ironically?) for some reasoning:

Jack, in fact, is always a pleasant fellow while moseying around Buffalo. Check your facts, Twitter. Come to Buffalo and you'll see how nice the peeps are here. Ask us where to find the best chicken wings, and I guarantee you we won't go tell you to eff yourself.

Granted, we might not say "good morning" all of the time. But that's not a crime, is it?

Contributed by Brandon Kilijanski