The Broadway Market is a very significant place in Buffalo for so many people, and for so many reasons, many of us look forward to heading over to the Broadway Market during the Easter Holiday season to shop all the different vendors and, of course, take pictures with the Easter Bunny.

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This year some seasonal vendors may not be allowed to come back if they sell the same products as the permanent vendors. According to WGRZ, officials with the Broadway Market called and emailed six seasonal vendors to inform them that they will not be allowed back this Easter Season. Officials also say that this could be a permanent move.

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There are some seasonal vendors that have been at the Broadway Market for over 30-years and they are pretty disappointed, to say the least. Kevin Kelly who is the president of Kelly's Country store said, according to WGRZ,

So many small businesses are struggling right now. These small wares plan all year and to sell their products at the Broadway Market, then to have somebody say, No, you can't come in, it's sad not only for those businesses but also for their customers who come back to look for them there every year.

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Credit: WGRZ

The main reason for this move by the Broadway Market is to protect the permanent businesses there that have been trying to recover from the pandemic. Many of the seasonal vendors are confused by the move.

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